Mount Katahdin, ME

July 4, 2018


Day Hike

Some photographs by Jake Reynolds.


Ktaadn presented a different aspect from any mountain I have seen, there being a greater proportion of naked rock rising abruptly from the forest; and we looked up at this blue barrier as if it were some fragment of a wall which anciently bounded the earth in that direction.

Thoreau, Ktaadn

Mount Katahdin, the northern terminus of the Appalachian Trail, is the tallest mountain in Maine and an incredible work of natural art. We climbed it on July 4, 2018 as part of a roadtrip through New England, climbing up the Saddle Trail and (foolishly) down the steep Cathedral Trail.


On our way back to our campsite at Roaring Brook, we were lucky enough to see a moose and her cub.